Football Season

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Are you ready for some football? Soon the leaves will be falling and the season will begin. Our new list by Fay, Reader Advisor, offers some interesting takes on the game, including biographies of players, inside accounts of the industry, historical perspectives, and more!

The System: The Glory and Scandal of Big-Time College Football

Jeff Benedict


Investigative journalists Benedict and Keteyian spent 2012 at some of the country's premier football colleges to document problems inherent in the sport. They discuss television deals, slush funds, recruiting wars, conference realignments, criminal activities, horrific injuries, and major rule violations. 2013.

Journalism, College, Business

More Than a Game: The Glorious Present and Uncertain Future of the NFL

Brian Billick


Super Bowl-winning Baltimore Ravens coach-turned-television analyst explains the inner workings of professional football. Discusses player selection, game strategy and tactics, and publicity, providing anecdotes from his own experience. Expresses concern about the sport's future because of the coming expiration of the player-owner collective-bargaining agreement in 2010 and other issues. 2009.

NFL, Coaching

Called to Coach: Reflections on Life, Faith, and Football

Bobby Bowden 


Autobiography of college football coach Bobby Bowden, who headed the Florida State University team for thirty-four years. Bowden discusses his childhood, strong Christian faith, and the career path that led him to coaching and evangelizing for his religion. Forewords by Tony Dungy and Joe Paterno. 2010.

Coaching, College, Autobiography, Religion

Red Grange and the Rise of Modern Football

John M. Carroll


Highlights the career and influence of football's first superstar, Red Grange (1903-1991), beginning with the famous 1924 Illinois-Michigan collegiate game. Grange, the first player to have an agent when he signed with George Halas's Chicago Bears, continued to promote the sport as a broadcaster and coach after his playing days. 1999.          

Biography, College, NFL, Coaching, Download Only  

Collision Low Crossers: A Year inside the Turbulent World of NFL Football

Nicholas Dawidoff


Reporter Dawidoff chronicles the year he spent with the New York Jets, when he attempted to portray day-to-day life in the National Football League. Describes scouting, the draft, practices, and strategy meetings.Discusses the personalities of the general manager, coaches, and players. 2013.

Journalism, Business, NFL, Commercial Audiobook

The King of Sports: Football's Impact on America

Gregg Easterbrook


Explores the history and popularity of American gridiron football--the most popular spectator sport in the country. Details how football became deeply ingrained in United States culture and society and probes its darker sides, including corruption and player concussions. 2013.

History, Sociology

Why Football Matters: My Education in the Game

Mark Edmundson


A football player in high school, English Professor Edmundson looks at what the game can teach young men. Chapters cover desirable traits such as character, courage, and loyalty, and show how the game of football fosters those traits. 2014.


A Civil War, Army vs. Navy: A Year inside College Football's Purest Rivalry 

John Feinstein


Chronicles the 1995 season for the West Point and the Annapolis football teams. Portrays the strict military discipline and academic demands of both institutions, which most college football players never experience. Recounts the tense rivalry of the annual Army-Navy game. 1996.

Military, Download Only

The QB: The Making of Modern Quarterbacks

Bruce Feldman


Sportswriter looks at the lucrative business of coaching quarterbacks and at the important trainers working today. Feldman also profiles some of the successful (and less successful) QBs coming on to the football field from these coaching programs. 2014.

Coaching, Business


John Grisham

DB056894, BR014929

After fifteen years former high school quarterback Neely Crenshaw returns to his hometown, where he learns that legendary football coach Eddie Rake lies dying. With other Spartans he reminisces about the "glory days" of their youth while contemplating his own lost potential. 2003.

Bestseller, Psychological Fiction

Heisman: The Man behind the Trophy

John M. Heisman


Biography of John William Heisman (1869-1936), namesake of the trophy given annually to college football's best player. Traces Heisman's youth in Pennsylvania, undergraduate gridiron career, coaching success, and the innovations he brought to the game. 2012.

Biography, College, Coaching, Commercial Audiobook


Jeanne Marie Laskas


Journalist expands upon her 2009 GQ article about young forensic pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu's discovery while autopsying fifty-year-old Mike Webster--aka "Iron Mike"—the Hall of Fame center for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He determined that Webster's mental deterioration was a disease caused by blows to the head during football. 2015.

Health, Biography, Commercial Audiobook

The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game

Michael Lewis


Sportswriter analyzes the National Football League's obsession with left tackles, exposes the machinations behind college athletic recruitment, and profiles African American football prodigy Michael Oher. Describes the homeless Memphis teen's adoption by a wealthy Evangelical white family and his development into a star high-school left tackle. 2006.

Bestseller, Biography, College,  Download Only

America's Game: The Epic Story of How Pro Football Captured a Nation

Michael MacCambridge


A history of American football concentrating on the development of the National Football League during the last half of the twentieth century. Focuses on the sport's use of television, marketing, racial integration, and innovative leadership to overtake baseball as the dominant spectator sport. 2004.

NFL, History, Business, Download Only 

Parcells: A Football Life

Bill Parcells


Pro-football Hall of Fame coach Parcells (born 1941) reflects on his career and the teams he worked for, including the Air Force Academy, the New York Giants, the New England Patriots, the New York Jets, and the Dallas Cowboys. 2014.

Autobiography, Coaching, NFL, Commercial Audiobook

Never Die Easy: The Autobiography of Walter Payton

Walter Payton


Record-breaking NFL football player Walter "Sweetness" Payton, who died of liver cancer in 1999, discusses growing up in Mississippi, attending college, and staying positive through cancer treatment. Supplemented with anecdotes from his friends, family, and colleagues recalling his work ethic, his humor, and his generosity. 2000.

Autobiography, NFL, Health, Download Only

Pigskin: The Early Years of Pro Football

Robert W. Peterson


Chronicles the development of professional football from its origins in college sports of the 1880s to its being a nationally televised attraction in the twentieth century. Traces the founding of the NFL in 1920 and the careers of the game's original stars. Features interviews with former players about the early years. 1997. 

History, Download Only


Joe Posnanski


Biography of Penn State football coach Joe Paterno (1926-2012) chronicles Paterno's Brooklyn upbringing,education, and career. Highlights the success of the college's gridiron program, Paterno's family life, and the child-abuse scandal surrounding defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky that led to Sandusky's imprisonment and Paterno's firing. 2012.

Coaching, College, Biography

Rockne of Notre Dame: The Making of a Football Legend

Ray Robinson


Robinson briefly touches on Knute Rockne's childhood and playing years, then focuses on the Norwegian-born football coach's career at Notre Dame from 1918-1930. Describes Rockne as a "complicated, (and) enormously ambitious man," who was a master of player motivation. 1999.

College, Coaching, Biography, Download Only

Newton's Football: The Science behind America's Game

Allen St. John


Journalist St. John and engineer Ramirez examine the game of football and discuss the behavioral and mechanical science concepts behind it. The authors explores the notion that chaos theory--as explained to them by MacArthur Fellow Stephan Wolfram--is the underpinning for Cincinnati Bengals' coach Sam Wyche's no-huddle. 2013.