Road Trip Stories

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Hit the road with talking books! Our new short list by Karen contains great fiction and non fiction stories of adventures unfolding through travel.

One Plus One

Jojo Moyes


Single mother Jess Thomas is struggling to raise her ten-year-old math-genius daughter, Tanzie, and teenaged stepson, Nicky. To give Tanzie a chance at a prestigious school, they fly to England and take a road trip to Scotland with technology wizard Ed Nicholls. Nothing goes as planned. 2014.

Bestseller, Romance, Commercial Audiobook

Tapestry of Fortunes

Elizabeth Berg


After losing her best friend to cancer, Cecilia reevaluates her life. She takes a break from her job, sells her home, and decides to go after Dennis, the one that got away. Cecilia also moves into a shared house, where she learns from her three housemates. The four (and Riley) soon leave domestic routine to traverse the heartland in search of lost opportunities. 2013.

Illinois Author, Friendship, Modern Fiction


David Nicholls


On the eve of a month-long family vacation to visit the capitals of Europe, Connie tells her husband Douglas that she thinks she wants a divorce. Not wanting to cancel the trip, they set out with their seventeen-year-old son, Albie. Douglas tries to rekindle his relationships with both wife and boy. 2014.

Psychological Fiction, Family Story

Don’t Ever Get Old

Daniel Friedman 


Crotchety ex-cop Buck Schatz hears a shocking deathbed confession from a fellow former POW, who reveals he accepted a gold bar to help their sadistic Nazi camp commander flee. Now everyone wants Buck to hunt down his nemesis--and find the rest of the loot. 2012.

Mystery & Detective

The One-Hundred-Year-Old man Who climbed Out the Window and Disappeared

Jonas Jonasson   


Sweden. On his one-hundredth birthday, former demolitions expert Allan Karlsson escapes from an old folks' home, steals a suitcase filled with money, and begins a madcap adventure running from criminals and the police. Originally published in Sweden 2009. 2012.

Adventure, Humor

The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town America

Bill Bryson


Writer describes his cross-country journey to revisit what he deems the "magic places" of his youth, beginning with his hometown of Des Moines, Iowa, and including the Rocky Mountains. Reminisces about his childhood and his father as he recounts adventures across thirty-eight states and 13,978 miles. 1989.

Adventure, Non Fiction

Last Bus to Wisdom

Ivan Doig


1951. When eleven-year-old Donny's grandmother goes into the hospital for surgery, she sends him to her sister Kate in Wisconsin. Donny and Kate do not get along, so he decides to run home to Montana. A lively and poignant coming-of-age story about a boy and his great-uncle on a cross-country odyssey. 2015.

Historical Fiction

My Favorite Place on Earth: Celebrated People Share Their Travel Discoveries

Jerry Camarillo Dunn


Seventy-five actors, athletes, writers, journalists, and other noted individuals discuss their favorite places. George Lucas describes his personal connection with Monument Valley, Utah, where he made a student film. Contributors include Buzz Aldrin, Deepak Chopra, Jane Goodall, Suze Orman, James Taylor, and Donald Trump. 2009.

Short Essays, Non Fiction