Shark Week!

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Enjoy our short list for Shark Week, if you dare!


Peter Benchley


A great white shark terrorizes the resort town of Amity, Long Island. Police chief Martin Brody and oceanographer Matt Hooper hunt the killer fish while Brody's wife lures Hooper for herself. Basis for the 1970s film. Includes 2005 introduction. 1974.

Bestseller, Adventure, Mystery

Close to Shore: A True Story of Terror in an Age of Innocence

Mike Capuzzo


Chronicles the series of shark attacks on the New Jersey shore in 1916. Portrays the people involved and the social climate of the era, while examining scientific explanations for the sharks' behavior. Based on historical and late-twentieth-century sources. 2001.

Bestseller, History, Adventure, Science, Download Only

The Devil's Teeth: A True Story of Obsession and Survival among America's Great White Sharks

Susan Casey


Account of the author's journey to the Farallon Islands, twenty-seven miles from San Francisco, a renowned refuge of great white sharks. Casey, an editor, relates joining scientists Peter Pyle and Scot Anderson as they study the predators in their natural habitat. She describes shark attacks and the archipelago's beauty. 2005.

Bestseller, Zoology, Adventure

Surprising Sharks

Nicola Davies


Introduces different species and sizes of sharks, pointing out the physical characteristics and behavior that makes these sea creatures such efficient hunters. Reports that while sharks kill six humans every year, people kill six million sharks in a year. 2003.

Grades K-3, Oceanography, Zoology

Shark beneath the Reef

Jean Craighead George


Tomas, fourteen, is torn between his desire to attend high school and a future of line fishing for sharks with his grandfather. But the fish are being depleted by foreign fishing fleets who take everything captured in their nets. Tomas dreams of catching a giant whale shark and, spying a large shark near the reef, believes it is one. However, it is not the gentle plankton grazer he seeks, but rather a large hammerhead--a man-eater. 1989.

Grades 6-9, Adventure Fiction, Download Only

Swimming with Hammerhead Sharks

Kenneth Mallory


Marine biologist Pete Klimley, an expert on all nine types of hammerhead sharks, explains how he studies and tracks them. Discusses Klimley's theories about hammerhead navigation and the making of an IMAX documentary called Island of the Sharks near Costa Rica. 2001.

Grades 4-7, Oceanography, Zoology, Download Only

The Man Who Rode Sharks

William Royal


Harrowing account of an underwater archaeologist's adventures and exploits. Describes his seventeen years of scientific diving in Florida, and his discovery of human and animal fossil remains dating back some 10,000 years in unexplored Warm Mineral Springs and mysterious Little Salt Spring nearby. 1978.

History, Science, Download Only

Shark Life: True Stories about Sharks and the Sea

Karen Wojtyla, Peter Benchley


Peter Benchley, author of Jaws, relates his sea diving adventures and close encounters with creatures of the deep. Discusses what he's learned about shark behavior, mistakes he's made, and advice about avoiding shark attacks and swimming safely in the ocean. 2005.

Grades 5-8, Zoology, Download Only