Holiday Stories for Children

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DB71078 Candlelight for Rebecca Jacqueline Green Makes decoration at school to give as gift Grades 3-6
DB70256 A Season of Gifts Richard Peck A gruff neighbor gives surprising gifts Grades 5-8
DB73752 Piper Reed Rodeo Star Kimberly Holt Piper & sister go to grandparents for Christmas Grades 3-6
DB74601 The Bell Bandit Jacqueline Davis Grandma's bell they use for New Years is stolen Grades 3-6
DB71857 A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time Mary Osborne Jack & Annie use magic to inspire Dickens Grades 2-4
DB72826 The Mystery of Cabin Island Franklin Dixon Two boys investigate mystery during holidays Grades 4-7
DB71821 A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens A short version of the original recording Grades 4-7
DB70685 A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens Scrooge visited by four ghosts Grades 2-4
DB78171 There's a Ghost in the Coatroom Janice Smith Mrs. D's class discover a ghost in the coatroom Grades 2-4
DB75786 Julie Andrew's Treasure for all Seasons Julie Andrew Collections of poems and songs Grades 2-4
DB67003 Forever Rose Hilary Mckay Christmas approaches and young Rose discovers surprises Grades 2-4,5-7