Spring Time Gardening Mysteries

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When Spring approaches we think of gardening.  Now, let’s mix a little mysteries with gardening and enjoy these reads:

The Grub and Stakers Series by Alisa Craig:

There are two books in this series:  DB68316 (Move a Mountain) DB68317 (Pinch a Poke)

The English Garden Mystery Series by Anthony Eglin

There are four books in this series: DB65281 (The Blue Rose) DB65103 (The Lost Gardens) DB65305 (The Water Lily Cross) DB69682 (Trail of the Wild Rose)

A Dirty Business Mystery Series by Rosemary Harris

There are three books in this series: DB70191 (Pushing Up Daisies) DB73121 (The Big Dirt Nap) DB73141 (Dead Head)

A Gardening Mystery Series by Ann Ripley

There are ten books in this series: Listed are the first three: DB67674 (Mulch) DB68689 (Death of a Garden Pest) DB67867 (Death of a Political Plant)

Martha Vineyard Mystery Series by Philip Craig

There are twenty-two books in this series: Listed are the first three: DB66122 (A Beautiful Place to Die) DB36500 (The Woman Who Walked into the Sea) DB57603 (Vineyard Deceit)

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