Top 10 Reasons to Contact a Reader Advisor

Please visit the Illinois State Library's Talking Book and Braille Service website at:

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When to call or email the Illinois Talking Book Outreach Center:

10. You have read everything your favorite authors have written and are looking for new books. 

9. There is a problem with a book or machine and you need advice or help.

8.  You need to change your address or other contact information.

7.  You want to put your books on hold while you go on vacation or into the hospital.

6.  You want to sign up for Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) or have a question about how it works.

5. You want to order books online through the online catalog.

4. You want to sign up for magazines on cartridge to be mailed to your door.

3.  You want to renew books that have already been out for 6 weeks.

2. You want to order books you have found in the new edition of Talking Book Topics.

1.  You want to sign up for talking book services.